UBC Vancouver Summer Program 2024

About the UBC Vancouver Summer Program

A four-week experience for international undergraduate students at one of the world's top universities. UBC VSP is as much about academics as it is about social and cultural experiences. This summer nurture your academic pursuits, build friendships, and expand your perspective of the world around you.

The Centre for Aging SMART is hosting a program in July!

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Advanced Injury Biomechanics through our dynamic summer courses! View full details and apply now!

Package Q - Advanced Injury Biomechanics: From mechanisms, simulations to clinical application

Translating Engineering into Clinical Insights: Musculoskeletal Injuries and Traumas

From congenital hip dysplasia to spinal cord injuries in mountain bikers: learn about common musculoskeletal conditions and traumas from both clinical and biomechanics perspectives, beginning with their underlying causes. Explore the mechanisms behind how excessive force and acceleration affect various parts of the human body through insights provided by clinicians, sports medicine researchers and biomedical engineers. Participate in interactive labs, where students will explore injury mechanisms through destructive testing of artificial bones and see high-speed impact testing rigs in action. Students will also work in teams to research and present a musculoskeletal injury/condition and the corresponding treatments.

Clinical Advancements through Collaborative Innovation

Expanding upon the foundation laid in the first course, delve deeper into pathways for elevating the standard of clinical care and injury prevention through collaborative innovations. This course introduces the Biodesign Innovation Process, a tool commonly used to guide collaborative effort between engineers and clinical health care providers. Learn to conduct an innovation cycle, consisting of designing, prototyping, and testing a solution. Gain insights from distinguished researchers who have pushed the boundaries of what’s achievable, from pioneering surgical techniques, machine learning for diagnostics to the evolution of advanced sport helmets. Participate in practical, clinical-focused labs conducted at the Centre for Aging SMART at Vancouver Coastal Health, where students will gain exposure to cutting-edge innovation tools extensively used by researchers, including rapid prototyping techniques.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites
Minors (students aged under 19 at the start of the program): Not Accepted
Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination: Required

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