Vancouver Summer Program 2023

About the UBC Vancouver Summer Program:

A four-week experience for international undergraduate students at one of the world's top universities. UBC VSP is as much about academics as it is about social and cultural experiences. This summer nurture your academic pursuits, build friendships, and expand your perspective of the world around you.

The Centre for Aging SMART is hosting a program in July!

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Package Q: Injury Biomechanics and Collaborative Design

Understanding Injuries through Biomechanics

Explore the life cycle of an injury: identifying factors that increase risk of injury; investigating how excessive forces lead to injuries; diagnosing injuries with medical imaging; and treating injuries with surgical interventions. VSP students will have field trips to the Vancouver General Hospital campus and engage in hands-on activities using cutting-edge techniques to study and treat injuries. From impact simulations on life-size injury models to state-of-the-art surgical tools, you will see innovation in injury biomechanics. Practical activities will be supplemented by lectures from leading researchers and clinicians, which will provide the technical depth to understand and interpret your results.

Medical Innovation using Collaborative Design

Building on knowledge gained in Course 1, we challenge teams of VSP students to think like surgeons and design new ways to repair fractured bones.  You will learn about the benefits of biomedical engineering design process to improve health outcomes in patients. You will have the opportunity to brainstorm and test innovative solutions. The course finishes off with a demonstration of your team’s design in a celebration of the collaborative environment that makes these innovations possible.

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