Applications for SPA 2024 open in Fall 2023.
Check back soon for full details!

Program Objectives

During SPA 2024, trainees will have an opportunity to:


Understand the different types and dimensions of ageism and their
known and potential impact on
health research, delivery and health outcomes in older adults.


Explore how ageism intersects with ableism and other biases to negatively impact the health and wellbeing of older adults.


Learn from global experts in the
areas of ageism, health and
older adults.


Engage with persons with lived experience of ageism, as well as stakeholders actively working to address ageism, abuse,
mistreatment and social isolation among older adults.


Discuss with health care professionals on how age may impact practice
and resource allocation.


Gain insight into various
methodological approaches and measures to research ageism, health
and older adults.


Learn the importance of incorporating interdisciplinary perspectives and persons with lived experience in developing research questions and studies.


Understand ethical and social issues surrounding research on ageism and older adults.


Develop career skills, such as grant writing and peer review.




Acquire skills for effectively communicating research findings to the public.




Build a network of collaborators to collectively advance research on ageism and older adults.




Gain an understanding of the studies and initiatives linked to the CIHR Institute of Aging's major initiatives: the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging and the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging.