Help Canadians live at home as long as possible.

Mobility-related diseases affect all of us.

Canada’s population is facing a mobility crisis. A rapidly aging population, and our sedentary lifestyles will put unsustainable pressure on the health-care system.

What if you could help prevent the deluge of disability?

Invest in research that seeks to understand the key barriers to mobility across the lifespan. Support evidence-based solutions to improve the quality of life of those suffering from mobility impairment. Prevent mobility problems from arising in those who are still active and healthy.

Your support is urgently needed.

With the help of donors like you, more world-class researchers can use state-of-the-art health equipment to ensure the health and mobility needs of Canadians are being served today and into the future. Researchers at the Centre for Aging SMART find novel solutions for the most challenging and prevalent mobility concerns.

Your gift will help people maintain their independence, health, and well-being, while reducing the burden of mobility issues on the health care system.

Your generous donation to the Centre for Aging SMART at Vancouver Coastal Health will be processed through our former name, as the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility