The Centre for Aging SMART at Vancouver Coastal Health consists of a talented group of interdisciplinary clinicians and scientists to tackle some of the most devastating problems currently facing British Columbia and Canada’s healthcare system.

We provide representative examples of our research under our core pillars:


  • Develop novel interventions to improve mobility with aging, and after injury and disease
  • Enhance mobility while preventing falls and fractures
  • Understand the changes in cartilage, bone and joint health with aging, disease and treatments (e.g., exercise, surgery)
  • Determine the best methods for orthopaedic surgeries (e.g., surgeries after a hip fracture)


  • Implement interventions to improve activity such as scaling up community physical activity interventions
  • Understand the impact of the built and social environment on activity
  • Evaluate health promoting and chronic disease management programs
  • Evaluate transitions in care with aging and disability, and their impact on activity and quality of life


  • Develop interventions to improve the recovery and quality of life after serious injuries such as brain injury, hip fracture or spinal cord injury
  • Improve access and transitions in care
  • Understand mechanisms of aging, disease and recovery, e.g., imaging techniques to assess brain function after a traumatic brain injury or to understand muscle, tendon and joint function


  • Develop and apply technologies to transform healthcare with aging and disability
  • Develop real-time measurement of key physiological parameters and connecting these insights to their care teams
  • Utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning methods for improving diagnostics for aging and disease
  • Develop and evaluate assistive technologies to reduce the impact of aging and disability
  • Evaluate the use of virtual health and their applications in improving mobility, activity and rehabilitation outcomes

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